Heat Transfer Mastic

Heat Transfer Compound, Non-Hardening

Non-hardening TRACIT-1100 heat transfer compound was designed for use on externally heated tanks and vessels. This product is applied to plate or clamp-on coils before installation on the tank. TRACIT-1100 eliminates the air voids that exist between the coil and vessel wall, transferring heat far more efficiently by means of conduction. Plate-type coils installed with TRACIT-1100 experience up to a tenfold increase in heat transfer rates.

TRACIT-1100 is non-setting and can be easily removed from installations. This mastic maintains excellent surface contact during expansion and contraction cycles. TRACIT-1100 is waterproof and will act as a corrosion barrier. 

For drum pumping applications, please request the lower viscosity TRACIT-1100A.

Technical Specifications

Minimum application temperature: 5°F (15°C)

Maximum usage temperature: 450°F (232°C)

Minimum usage temperature: -116°F (-80°C)

Heat transfer coefficient, Ut, heat source to vessel wall: 20-40 Btu/hr•°F•ft2 (114-227 w/m2•°C)

Water-soluble: No

Curing: None required.

Harmful vapors: None

Shelf life: Indefinite. Keep container lid sealed tightly when not in use.

Net weight: 11 lbs (5 kg)/gallon

Coverage rates: 12 ft.²/gallon (1/8" thick), 6 ft.² /gallon (1/4" thick)

Stock container sizes: Caulk gun cartridges (10 or 32 oz), 5-gallon pail, 1-gallon pail, quart and pint cans. Also available in 55-gallon drums for pumping applications (TRACIT-1100A).

Installation Instructions

No premixing or curing required. Using a hand trowel, apply a thin layer (1/8"-1/4") to mechanically mounted surfaces (such as clamp-on coils) to fill in air gaps to ensure contact with heating source. If installing in a cold environment, product may be warmed up to 80°F for lower viscosity and easier application. Product may be applied over existing coatings, although excessive surface dirt and rust should be removed for ideal performance.


TRACIT-1100 heat transfer cement will act as a corrosion barrier.  

TRACIT-1100 should not be exposed to open flames or strong oxidizing agents. If removal is necessary, scrape off using a hand trowel and an industrial degreasing agent.


Wear protective gloves and glasses when handling.  


An overview of the benefits of using Tracit heat transfer cements on externally heated/cooled systems. Includes installation demo.